Board Info

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month.  Check the calendar for dates, times and locations of future meetings. Region 35 parents and volunteers are welcome to attend any board meeting, hey! you might even get a job to do. If you want to table something for discussion at a board meeting then please give us some advance notice and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Former Regional Commissioners

  1. Ganesh Balgi: 01/01/11 - 03/11/14
  2. Connie Laitinen: 01/01/06 - 01/01/11
  3. Jose Payne: 08/01/01 - 11/30/05
  4. John Muskivitch 08/01/91 - 07/31/01
  5. Jeff Bisely

Directors and Coordinators

 Regional Commissioner (RC)  Aeron Lauv
 Regional Coach Admin (RCA)  Satheesh Madhadhil
 Regional Referee Admin (RRA)
 Rex Wright
 Director of Registrations (RGRG)  Raymond Yin
 Assistant Registrar  Lalitha
 Registration Volunteers
Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA)  Ann Ngo
 Asst. CVPA        
 Director Volunteer Management   Ann Ngo
 Regional Operations Management
 Satheesh Madhathil

 Assistant Coach Administrator (RACA)  Jim Hanrahan
 Director Coach Training   
 Lauv Aeron
 Regional Coach Instructor (RRI) 
 Connie Laitinen
 Coach Instructor
 Jim Hanrahan
 Referee Instructor
 Rex Wright
 Assistant Referee Administrator (RARA)  Open position, contact Rex
 Youth Referee Coordinator   Open position, contact Rex
 Referee Instructor (RRI)    Rex Wright and Mahesh Bhagat
 Safety Director (RGSAF)    Jitesh Shah
 Asst Safety Director   Kislay, Babu, Sunil
 Treasurer (RGTR)          
Rajesh Agrawal
 Controller/Asst. Treasurer
Grace Yao
 Auditor (RGAUD)
Vikram Karvat
 Regional Secretary (RGSEC)  Open position, contact Kathleen
 Web Master        Alex Carlton
 IT Coordinator         Open position: Contact Alex 
 Tournament Director                                 Vacant
 Field Lining Coordinator  Peiling Yao
 Practice Field Coordinator  Aeron
 Equipment Director  
 Elaine Pao
 Uniform Coordinator  Samvedana Gad
 PR Director   Open position
 Sponsorship Coordinator    Katie Seo
 Memorabilia and Volunteer Gifts       Satheesh
 Picture Day Coordinator      Open
 Spring SELECT Program Director   Pancho Tzankov boys Steve House girls
 VIP Commissioner  Vance Nelson

Descriptions for all of these positions can be found at AYSO's Resources.

Division Managers (2016 Spring)

Age Level     Boys Girls
Under 5     Jim H   Jim H
Under 6     Niti P   
Niti P
Under 8     Miyuki H
Saravanan C
Under 10     Jai K
Marc F
Under 12     Viet Le   
Raymond Y
Under 14     Kishore C
Vinod A
Under 16     Alex C
Yukti S
Under 19     Alex C
Connie Laitinen