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Coaching with AYSO Cupertino

posted Jan 23, 2013, 9:53 PM by John Keenan   [ updated Dec 4, 2014, 10:26 PM by L Aeron ]
Hello Coaches and Assistant Coaches,

Welcome to our AYSO Soccer Season.  First of all, THANK YOU very much for signing up and volunteering your time to coach our young players.  Like ours we know that your time is precious especially here in the valley, but we also know that the enjoyment and satisfaction that you'll have working with our youth will be totally worth it.  There are many important volunteer roles in AYSO but without you guys stepping up and helping out, our kids simply wouldn't get to play and enjoy the game, so again thank you very much.

This email will hopefully explain what you have to do before you take to the field with our kids. CupAYSO will be sending regular updates on other topics and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to seek out and get whatever assistance you need, but we absolutely have to have you all authorized to take the field before we have you work directly with our kids.  So please take a couple of minutes to read through the rest of this email and then find some time on your schedules to take the appropriate action.

1. Confirmation that you will indeed be a coach or assistant coach for our kids this season.
We will be finalizing the number of teams in each division based on the number of coaches that have signed up. It is very important for you to tell us asap if your circumstances have changed or if you didn't mean to sign up as a coach in the first place. It would also be nice if you mail our div managers back just to confirm that you're still on for coaching.

2. Volunteer Forms.
Every volunteer must submit a new or updated volunteer form every year.  Our year runs from Fall through Spring.  If you have not yet submitted your form for this year (either last Fall or this Spring) then please work with Ann at and Satheesh at to get your form processed.

3. Safe Haven Training.
Every Coach/Assistant Coach must complete AYSO Safe Haven Training.  This training not only teaches you about working with young adults, it also provides guidance and education relating to injury prevention and what to do in the event of a player getting injured.  The other valuable aspect of this certification is that it protects you from liability under the Volunteer Protection Act (as long as you are fully certified for the job that you are performing and as long as you are adhering to the policies and guidelines of AYSO).
You only need to complete this course once in your coaching career, so if you've already taken it you do not need to take it again.
The course is available online at and you'll need to know your ayso id before trying to log in to that site.  Your id can be found by logging in to the site using the userid and password that you used to create/submit your volunteer form.  The online class takes about 30 - 40 minutes to complete but pay attention during the class as there is a test at the end ;)

4. Coach Certification.
All coaches and assistant coaches must have completed coach certification for the division that they will be coaching in.  This training is offered on different dates in Jan, Feb and March here in Cupertino and also in neighboring regions (West San Jose and Saratoga).  A full schedule of coach certifications plus signup instructions can be found on the training calendar here.  U6 and U8 training only takes two hours, U10 runs for about three hours and U12 runs for about five hours.  Intermediate and Advanced Coach certification is usually run over two days and for those of you who may be interested, we do offer a National Coach certification that is run over the course of a week usually held in July down in Southern Cal.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions on any of this.  I'll be more than happy to help you out whatever way possible.  Also, all of these items are tracked in the ayso database and attached to your volunteer record but, honestly, it is a big hassle for me to monitor so please take the responsibility on yourself to get these forms and certifications in place, that way it will allow me to spend more time helping you to get ready to take the field instead of running around chasing administrative stuff.  I hope you understand ;)

Thanks again for volunteering, I'm sure that we're going to have a fantastic and very rewarding season.

All CupAYSO Volunteers