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Coach Support

We partner with US Soccer Coaching to bring expert guidance and support to our program.

Coach Clinics
We run special clinics for all coaches (new and experienced) over three Friday nights prior to the start of each season.  These clinics are intended to give you lots of ideas on how to use drills to teach various concepts and fundamentals of the game.  It's also a great opportunity to network and connect with other coaches in our region.

Player Clinics
We run a number of player clinics over the course of each season.  These clinics usually focus on specific topics like goal-keeping, set-piece plays, shooting, etc.  Space is limited on these sessions so coaches should encourage their players to sign up early once the schedule is released.
While these clinics are intended for players, we encourage coaches to attend so that they can see how the drills are executid and how the knowledge is imparted.

Team Visits
You can request one of the US Soccer Coaches to stop by and help you to run one of your practices.  This is a great opportunity for you to see how the professional coaches work with your players.  You can ask them to focus on specific things for you or they can simply run a generic practice session.  You can chose to participate directly in the session with the US Soccer Coach or you can simply watch and observe from the sideline, either way, your attendance at this session is mandatory.