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Usage Pledge

It is a privilege to be able to use the Cupertino fields. Please note the field usage pledge:
  • All teams, coaches, staff and volunteers must abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Athletic Field Use Policy (
  • All teams, coaches, staff and volunteers must have a copy of the approved permit with them when on a Cupertino field. Digital/mobile phone copies are acceptable. City permit for our league can be downloaded from here.
  • All athletic field user groups must corporate to share fields and coordinate schedules. Please see the link to the Youth Sports Groups Directory ( for contact information for other user groups. Make sure to update any out of date information pertaining to your group. Please note that in order to access the file you may need to create a Microsoft online account.
  • All teams, coaches, staff and volunteers may not use fields when they are closed due to weather or other unsafe conditions.  Field status can be found by calling 408-777-3566 or on the @cupertinofields Twitter account (