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Age Divisions

AYSO groups players into divisions by ages.  For example the "U8" division is for those players under 8 years old (as of August 1st).

Age Divisions
  • U5 and U6
    • Welcome to soccer!  We usually manage these divisions as a one-day-a-week activity, commonly Saturday mornings.  All players in the division, with their parents, come together at one time for a bit of directed learning of skills, then the kids play games for the rest of the session.
  • U8
    • One game each Saturday.  Small teams, games are played with 5 players versus 5 players with a couple of substitutes who are rotated in each quarter.  The players practice as a team, usually one day each week some afternoon after school.
  • U10
    • One game each Saturday, 7-versus-7.  The players practice with their team, one or two days each week after school.
  • U12
    • One game each Saturday (9v9), some games may be with teams from other regions in the area.  Practices with the team, usually two days a week.
  • U14
    • Games each Saturday, many of the games are likely to be with other teams in the area.  Practices usually twice a week.
  • U16
    • Games each weekend around the area, either Saturday or Sunday (one day or the other, schedules are set by each league in which we play based on field availability).  Practices usually a couple of days each week, will probably also practice some on the weekends in the weeks prior to the first game.
  • U19
    • Games all around the area, usually on Sunday.  Practices are two or perhaps more days each week, and on the weekends prior to the first game.