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Competitive (Select/EXTRA)

posted Nov 27, 2011, 6:29 PM by John Keenan   [ updated Sep 21, 2017, 3:27 PM by L Aeron ]
SPRING competitive 'Select' league or CLUB SOCCER is played under CalNorth, against other clubs/teams up and down the Peninsula. Games are highly competitive but are played within the spirit and guidelines of fun family environment.

Cupertino competitive
is still governed by the same great philosophies that set us apart from other youth soccer organizations.
Cupertino competitive is more challenging quality soccer at a less challenging cost than similar programs. 
Cupertino competitive is run and managed locally, and run as club soccer.
Cupertino competitive  wins!

Players are invited to tryout for these select teams in Cupertino. Coaches are responsible for selecting players. 
Tryouts will be run from November through January. They will be arranged as training camps (nominal fee will apply) - where the players will be trained for comp teams and given a chance to tryout.

We had a very successful past season and are looking forward next season with team ranging from U9 - U19, teams at every age range - adding U9, U11, U13 as well and doing preparation/training camps.

FREE TRYOUTS Sign up below for
CLUB TRYOUTS scheduled for Feb 18th and Feb 19th
(These are our "backup days", hosted at De Anza College's all-weather Stadium Field.

For Feb 18&19 we will hold tryouts in the rain if necessary, please be prepared.

Please note times below include time to get checked in before we hit the field.

U16 Boys: TBD
DOB in 99 - 2001

U16/01 G: TBD
DOB in 99 - 2001

U15 B: Feb 19th only - 11:30am U15B DOB in 2002

U15/02 G: Feb 18&19 - 10:00am
U15G DOB in 2002

U14B: Feb 19th only - 11:30am
U14B DOB in 2003

U14/03G: Feb 18&19 - 10:00 am  U14G DOB in 2003

U13B: Feb 19th only - 11:30am
U13B DOB in 2004

U13/04G: Feb 18&19 - 10:00 am
U13G DOB in 2004

U12B: Feb 18&19 - 11:30am
U12B DOB 2005

U12/05G: Feb 18&19 - 11:30am
U12G DOB 2005

U11 B: Feb 18&19 - 10:00 am
U11B DOB 2006

U11/06G: Feb 18 only - 11:30am
U11G DOB 2006

U10B: Feb 18&19 - 10:00 am
U10B DOB 2007/2008

U10/07G: Feb 18&19 - 10:00am
U10G DOB 2007

U9B: Feb 18&19 - 10:00am
U9B DOB in 2009

U9G: Feb 18&19 - 10:00am
U9G DOB in 2008/2009

All tryouts on Feb 18th and Feb 19th will be held at De Anza College's Stadium Field -- an all-weather turf field
[Do note De Anza College parking is not free even on weekends] 

So, when deciding between Cupertino and other programs, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is my child guaranteed to play at least one-half of every game?
  • Do the coaches utilize positive coaching techniques and emphasize good sportsmanship?
  • Are the coaches trained under an accredited curriculum?
  • Is the focus on keeping the fun in the game while competing hard?
  • Are the people running the program local volunteers?
  • Am I getting good value for my registration dollar?
When you answer the questions, and take into consideration all of the things that make Cupertino special, we believe that you will find that us as the right choice for you and your child.