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Cupertino FC

What is Cupertino FC?

Cupertino FC is a program that Region 35 is offering for those players who may be seeking a bit more of a competitive challenge than is typical of AYSO's Core program.

For the last few years Cupertino FC has been hosting teams that have participated in a variety of AYSO-related competitive offerings (AYSO Select, AYSO Extra, eventually Cupertino FC Club program, and more locally PCSSL) as well as other compatible local leagues (BASFL, CalNorth, and so on).

The goal of Cupertino FC is to offer our players a chance to compete above the recreational level, but to do so from within a program that still is firmly rooted in AYSO's values, priorities, and philosophies.

How does Cupertino FC differ from the regular AYSO Core program?

Cupertino FC is opportunistic -- we form teams when we have the right combination of interested players, trained coaches, and we play in CalNorth leagues that will offer our teams good opportunities to grow and have fun.  This does mean, unlike our Core program, not every age division may have a team, nor will we be able to make a team slot available to every interested player. It is strictly based on tryouts and for the selected few.

Teams in Cupertino FC may have tryouts, and these may be competitive selecting only some applicants from the pool of interested players.  Note: we are not necessarily selecting based on elite soccer skills or pure athleticism; our criteria are more often based on players' interest in improving, team sportsmanship, coachability and adaptability.

Does Cupertino FC still adhere to AYSO's Six Philosophies?

Cupertino FC retains our region's commitment to AYSO's philosophies.

Yes, a competitive team does mean that we are taking somewhat different interpretations of "Balanced Teams" and "Everyone Plays".

For "Balanced Teams", what we strive to do is find the right level of competition for the teams we have.  Obviously the Cupertino FC teams may not be balanced versus the rest of our region, but we will work to place them in other leagues where we expect they will be able to win about half their games (any team that isn't losing somewhere around half its games is not competing at the right level to sustain a good challenge for the players).

For "Everyone Plays", we do retain our commitment that every member of a team that comes to a game properly prepared to play will play at least half the game.  All of those players who make one of our teams is a valued member of that team and will be playing with everyone on that team -- we have no "benchwarmers" on our teams.

"Player Development" is the basis of everything we do at Cupertino FC.  We are not doing what we do to develop a winning record or a reputation as a top-tier club -- everything we do, including striving to find the right level of competition, is based on finding what will best help each individual on our team develop to be a better player.

We believe strongly in "Open Registration" -- any player is free to go find a team that better fits their needs; similarly, we are open to players wherever they may come from who believe Cupertino FC may offer a good fit.

"Good Sportsmanship" is even more important as we enter into more competitive situations, and is an absolute base expectation of everybody involved in Cupertino FC.  In a competitive league we should not assume that others will value good sportsmanship as we do, but we still expect all who are affiliated with Cupertino FC to model good sportsmanship in all situations.

Finally, "Positive Coaching" is at the heart of how we believe we will be successful.  We will do well when the players are enjoying what they are doing and feel encouraged to reach higher.  At the end of the season our coaches are not evaluated on their win/loss record, they are evaluated on how many of their players want to come back and play with us for the next season.

How can I get more information?

Send mail to "".

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