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The attached file has screen dumps to show you how to search for, sign up for, and enter scores for, games.
One other thing at the end, as the center, if you enter final score, if you can, please enter (in Notes field) which jersey numbers from each team.
For example:  Home 2,3,5,5  Visitor 12,22  Final score 4-2 home
That helps the coaches with player ranking at season end.
Attention:  Please reserve the COMMENTS box for safety or discipline concerns, and use NOTES for scoring info.  It might take an extra mouse click, so thanks in advance!

One slight note:  On step 4, you have to click the blue SEARCH to display your game choices.

If you sign up for the wrong game, email me at, with either GAME NUMBER from Arbiter or DATE, FIELD, TIME, and what's wrong.
Rex Wright,
Mar 20, 2012, 5:50 PM