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You want to be a Referee for Fall season?  What do you do?  Well, it's easy!  We'll train you, and bring a friend too!

I'll list what to expect below, but you can always email us (see the BOARD INFO page of this website for email links:  Rex Wright--R35 RRA, Mahesh Bhagat--Area 2J Director of Referee Instruction)

  Likewise, if you have a question, concern, issues with coaches, spectators, or even other refs, drop us a line and we'll talk through it.

Things to do RIGHT AWAY:

·         Be sure your up-to-date  VOLUNTEER FORM is (e-)signed and submitted on eAYSO (Yes even if you're already a player, you need a volunteer form, too!  It is THAT eAYSO ID number that you will need in order to do the online part of the training, but more on that below)

o   You should have already done this at Registration (Must resubmit one per school year).  But if after logging in, you can’t see the “Enroll to take a course” on the bottom right, you need to go into your Volunteer form and be sure you filled it out completely and submitted it.

o   Be sure you SIGN it electronically and submit it.

o  If you are a YOUTH volunteer, both YOU and your PARENT must SIGN it electronically to submit it.

Register on eAYSO (right side bottom is ENROLL IN A CLASS) and select ROSTER  .

·        Next

·         Take the ONLINE training (MT02) for Safe Haven.  It is required that you take the class (including the online test) before we can give you your badge.

o   It should take you about an hour at most, even with interruptions

o   NOTE:  If you are already an AYSO certified coach, you should already have completed Safe Haven (you only have to do it ONCE).  If so, in eAYSO it will show up in your certifications tab. 

o   Go to  (you’ll need your eAYSO ID and/or email and password).

o   When finished, please PRINT the Safe Haven certificate.  Bringing that to class may help us in case there are computer issues later.


    •         If you are taking the shorter ONLINE COMPANION class, you must do the online Basic Referee class (R002) BEFORE class.  (the full day class does not need this).
    •         Log in at the same way as the online Safe Haven.  Be sure again to go all the way to the end page and PRINT out certificate.  It will probably take about 2 hours if you are new to soccer, so PLEASE don't wait until the last minute.

-    Then bring your printouts (Volunteer Form, Safe Haven Certificate) (optionally Online Referee Certificate) to the class.  We'll go over everything you need for basic ref (U8 and U10), including some outdoor stuff to get used to flag signals, then you take your test.  We'll grade it, and then we'll get you passed and out on the field the next Saturday.  (the "Old hands" will help you get going--where "old hands" means they did all this last season or earlier).

-   The NEXT R35 Basic Referee ONLINE COMPANION class (Roster 201701379) is SATURDAY 06 May 2017 from 3pm-7pm at (Crystal Hall, Classroom 4, in) Union Church at 20900 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino Please do the prework.

The NEXT R35 Basic Referee FULL DAY class (Roster TBD) is tentatively SATURDAY 04 March 2017 from 8:30am-4:30pm (pending confirmation of location rental).  Please do the prework.
  • For the ALL DAY class, be sure you have done the SAFE HAVEN (about 45 min) online class before the day of the in-person class.
  • For the ONLINE COMPANION one-evening class, be sure you have done both the SAFE HAVEN (about 45 min) and the ONLINE BASIC REFEREE (about 90 min) classes before coming.
  • If that doesn't work for you, see the training Calendar for other dates.  Just let me know which one you pick, since I'll have to arrange to get you your uniform and stuff.

If that class time does not work, you can attend a class at one of the neighboring regions:

  • R64 (West San Jose) and R27 (Saratoga) are doing their classes on other weekends.  See CALENDAR.

If none of those work, we will offer ONLINE COMPANION classes.  For these in addition to the SAFE HAVEN prework you must also do the ONLINE BASIC REFEREE (the classroom part) prior to the in-person class time, which typically takes about 3.5 hours.

Thanks so much!

Rex Wright (R35 Referee Administrator)

Updated May 02, 2017