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Referee Requirements

We will train everyone who signs up to volunteer as a referee.  We provide courses for beginning referees, for both youth and adults.  Or you can take the same courses from any of the regions in our area.

Once trained you will be supplied with an official badge, and the region will supply the basic referee uniform.  We do ask you to provide your own digital watch and your own shoes.

Like every volunteer in AYSO, all referees must resubmit a volunteer form each season, these can be printed from

To officiate a game, you need to sign up on the Arbiter website, at  The Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) may call you when a game is in need of a referee.

To avoid potential questions of fairness, we do ask referees to not officiate their own child's game if possible.  But bring your kit, in case no one signs up or the referee doesn't show on time.


We typically ask youth referees be 12 years old, but you can take the class at 11 and a half and we could start you as a U8 only until your twelfth birthday.  Youth referees should be 2years older than the players they referee. 

R35 is proud of its Youth Referees, and they cover a significant number of our referee slots.  We are happy to sign volunteer hour forms.


What we DON'T require is expertise in Soccer!  Anyone 12 and older can be a referee; we will teach you all you need to know, and start you at the younger ages to build your experience and fun!  That means brothers, sisters, players in the older divisions that want volunteer hours, Dads, and Moms (yes, mothers make really great referees, especially at the younger divisions, and then all the way up).  We also have Grandmas and Grandpas as referees.  What better way to get fun time outside and help kids have a great time with their families.

Refereeing is easy and fun.  Try it!  Help keep our kids soccer SAFE, FAIR, and FUN. 
As you gain experience over the seasons, we will also provide FREE training for Intermediate, Advanced, and National levels.  So you can enjoy it at multiple levels!

See the NEW REFEREES Page for more details, or email us.