Fall & Spring


http://ayso.bluesombrero.com/region35 else enter Priority List

Please enter wait list after August 31st click here for wait list.

For Registration Apply ONLINE at

The first two steps are managed online through AYSO's central registration system, provided by "AYSO National" http://ayso.bluesombrero.com/region35.

Step 1: Register your Player in AYSO
Returning Players:
If your child played with us in Fall season, then update your player's Spring sign up by clicking  "Signup for other programs" .
If your child did NOT play in our Fall season,  then select "Application for a returning player" and complete the process as appropriate.

Step 2: Complete your Volunteer Form in AYSO
Returning Volunteers:
If you were a Registered Volunteer with R35, then update or print your form, but please ensure that you have completed the required online Safe Haven Certification training from http://www.aysotraining.org (you will need your AYSO ID).

New Volunteers:
If you are a new volunteer then please complete the process to "Apply as a new adult volunteer" on 
After you are registered by R35, you will be required to complete the online Safe Haven Certification training from http://www.aysotraining.org (you will need your AYSO ID).

Step 3: Print Your Forms (3 pages) wet sign the concussion awareness form.
IMPORTANT Must bring one copy of the player form first time you see the coach.
Also, please bring proof of your players date of birth if they are new to AYSO.

Withdrawal/Cancellation Policy:

There are no paid personnel at AYSO (coaches, referees, board members are all volunteers); however like everyone else, we incur various expenses from 3rd party services.  We have to pay permit fees to the city for field usage, facility fees, field lining cost, goal cost, portable potties cost, equipment for the players, uniforms for referees and players, coach training and clinics etc. Plus the insurance which are covered by the National AYSO, it is collected for each player for the region. As you can imagine, it is a huge endeavor.

Spring:A $50 processing fee will apply to withdraw/cancel registration ON/AFTER Dec. 1st and $25 fee before Nov. 30th.  Absolutely no cancellation after Feb 15th.

Fall: A $50 processing fee will apply to withdraw/cancel registration ON/AFTER July 1st and $25 fee before June 30th. Absolutely no cancellation after August 15th.

All refund checks/back to CC go out after first game starts.