Fall Registration Dates & NewFriend20 Incentive Program

posted May 18, 2012, 3:47 AM by Ganesh Balgi   [ updated May 19, 2012, 1:25 AM ]
Dear AYSO R35 Parents,

I am happy to share Fall registration details. Please spread the word in your children's schools and neighborhood. Printable flyer available here. Also see details about participating in our NewFriend20 incentive program that can enable you to fully discount your Fall 2012 fees.

Where:  Union Church of Cupertino, 20900 Stevens Creek Blvd (cross-street Stelling Road) 

Fri, Jun 1    79 pm    $120     Welcome ALL Volunteers (Early Bird #1)

Sat, Jun 9   5–7 pm    $135     $10 Sibling Discount* (Early Bird #2)

Sat, Aug 4   7–9 pm    $150     $10 Sibling Discount* (Last Call)

* The siblings must be registered at the same registration event for $10 discount.


See Registration Info to complete application at www.eayso.org for AYSO Cupertino R35.

Please bring electronically signed player application form, parent volunteer form and payment.

  • If new to AYSO, bring a legal document to verify proof of age for the player.
  • New volunteers should bring photo-­‐ID for verification.
  • Bring check made payable to ‘AYSO R35’ or exact cash for the registration fee.

Limited scholarships available to those with extreme financial hardship. Requests will not be accepted without completed application forms for Financial Aid. Forms are on our website and may be available during registration event. 

NewFriend20 Program:

We want to reward you for introducing new friends to AYSO R35. Introduce a NewFriend20 Family to AYSO R35 for registering their children during Jun 9 or Aug 4 events, and you will enjoy $10 additional discount as a NewFriend20 Sponsor per every NewFriend20 Family you introduce.  Your friend, the NewFriend20 Family, enjoys $10 discount too. The following conditions apply without any exceptions.

  1. The NewFriend20 Family should NOT have registered any child with AYSO R35 during the last 1 year (Fall2011 and Spring 2012).
  2. The NewFriend20 Family must register with AYSO R35 during Jun 9 or Aug 4 walk-in event by paying the appropriate fees without requesting financial aid.
  3. The NewFriend20 Family should remain registered with R35 program through the first day of Fall 2012.
  4. The NewFriend20 Sponsor must have their children registered with AYSO R35 for Fall 2012.
  5. The NewFriend20 Family should clearly indicate NewFriend20 Sponsor's full name on their application submitted at the time of walk-in registration. Sponsor names cannot be added on previously submitted applications. 
  6. NewFriend20 Family can have only one NewFriend20 Sponsor per child registered, but a family can sponsor as many NewFriend20 Families as they want.
  7. The cumulative refund will be calculated after the first day of the season for those families still eligible, and the refund check will be issued within 4-6 weeks.
  8. The refund due cannot exceed the total fees paid by a family for Fall 2012 registration.
  9. The R35 Board members administering this program (headed by commissioner) will not eligible to participate.
  10. R35 volunteers handling the applications on Jun 9 and Aug 4 during the registration events may be eligible to participate as NewFriend20 Sponsor  for the NewFriend20 Families registering on those dates. To be eligible, those volunteers will need to provide the list of the NewFriend20 Families that they will be sponsoring on the day when they plan to volunteer as registration-day helpers. The list should be sent via e-mail to the commissioner (commissioner@ayso35.org) and the registrar (registrar@ayso35.org) 24 hr prior to the registration day.
  11. In case of any disputes or conflicts,  commissioner's decision will be final.

Ganesh Balgi,
May 18, 2012, 3:57 AM