Treasurer and Registrar Positions have been filled.

posted May 7, 2012, 9:55 PM by John Keenan   [ updated May 7, 2012, 9:55 PM ]
We have some good news to share. We will not be canceling our Fall registration events, thanks mainly to these soon to be members of R35 Board team: Lauv Aeron (R35 Registrar), Aruna Mantripragada (R35 Treasurer), and Manoj Das (R35 Controller).

Please give them a big shout, and thank them when you see them or meet them.

The next steps are for the Registration Planning Committee (Registrar Team, Finance Team, Volunteer Recruitment Team and RC) to meet and decide the dates as well as various other logistics of Fall registration events. We will keep you posted on that next week.

Meanwhile, the Registrar team needs multiple Assistant Registrars (1 yr term, 1.5-2 hr/wk on average but can require 6-8 hr/wk for about 8 wks)

We also need to appoint the following support positions:

Volunteer Coordinator (1 yr term, 1-1.5 hr/wk on average but will require 4-6 hr/wk for 8-10 wks)
Responsible for overall coordination of R35 seasonal volunteers; will oversee their initial assignments and as-needed reminders for their contribution to R35 events and activities; will work closely with CVPA, RRA, RCA and various R35 event coordinators

Assistant Regional Commissioner (1 yr term, 6-8 hr/wk on average but can reach 10-20 hr/wk for some weeks)
Will support Regional Commissioner in all Board related activities; could be a commissioner-in-training

Regional Secretary (1 yr term, 1-1.5 hr/wk at a sustained level)
Will work with Regional Commissioner to schedule Board meetings & communicate agenda to board members; will diligently participate in every monthly board meeting; Will take, distribute & archive Board meeting notes

All these positions are required to be filled immediately to prevent further burnout of current Board members and proactively prevent various delays that we are facing this season.

Please contact me ASAP, if you have interest and you are committed for any of these positions.

Thanks and regards,