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Rain Policy

Rain does not guarantee that a game or training session will be cancelled nor does sun guarantee that we will play.

The field closure is controlled by the city of Cupertino. The city may close fields for various reasons, like pesticide treatment, other maintenance reasons, or more commonly due to rain. 

If the city decides to close the fields, our organization cannot conduct any sports activity at the fields in question.

To check the status of the fields:
  • Call hotline number is (408) 777-3566. The recording at this number is updated for the status of fields for games and practices.
  • Also check the city's field Twitter feed, which tweets each time the field status is changed.
The primary determining factor is the field status determined by the city of Cupertino, however even if the hotline reports the fields are open coaches (or in some cases) referees can make a local determination whether we play or cancel if they believe that player safety could be in jeopardy.  Similarly, in some cases the department of Parks and Recreation may make localized decisions and place "Closed" signs on a field and we are bound to respect those postings.

Note: All usage of the city fields are bound by the rules posted on the city website for "Park Rules and Regulations" information.